About Us

Founded in 2015 ZAGH is a designer, manufacturer and distributer of fine jewellery products. The company is fully engaged in its product design, manufacturing and retailing activities.  ZAGH operates through its head office in Cairo, Egypt.
ZAGH’s boutique in Cairo together with its online store are considered its main sales channels, in addition to a growing number of selected international retailers.

Founder & Lead Designer Riham Zaghloul studied jewellery design in Le Arti Orafe (LAO) Jewellery School in Florence, Italy.  She is personally involved in the design, sketching and prototyping of all her pieces in her Cairo-based studio in Maadi.  The majority of the pieces come to life in ZAGH’s production facility in Cairo.  However, she particularly enjoys cooperating with a number of workshops in Italy and Pforzheim, Germany for the design and production of some of ZAGH’s high end range.  Zaghloul believes these collaborations offer diversity of inspiration, multi-generation artisans experience and state-of-the-art technology creating hand-finished pieces of uncompromised quality.

ZAGH prides itself on its ethos of responsibility and commitment towards preserving the very environment that inspires many of its designs. From sourcing recycled metals and ‘conflict-free’ diamonds/gemstones, to using FSC certified material for its packaging all the way to managing its water and energy consumption responsibly, ZAGH spares no effort in pursuing a ‘green goldsmithing’ practice.

ZAGH pieces represents emotions and thoughts caught and transformed into precious metals and stones. The designer’s interest in natural form and scientific precision come together as she takes each piece from its emotional inspiration and sketch to it’s final creation. Every detail is considered, studied and scrutinized so that each gram of metal and stone stand out to the thought that inspired it.  Bringing together elegance of form with the highest standards of craftsmanship, ZAGH produces contemporary heirloom pieces that resonate with diverse influences.

The ZAGH brand is based on uniqueness in design, authenticity and uncompromised quality. We consider these values both an obligation and an opportunity to run a profitable business while producing pieces that contribute to our rich heritage.